PRS Prototype Modern Eagle 1 "Family Treasure" of PRS SOLD

PRS Prototype Modern Eagle 1 "Family Treasure" of PRS SOLD

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Rarely do you get the opportunity to acquire such a special intrucment as this "Family" Guitar, a Modern Eagle 1 Prototype directly from Paul Reed Smith himself. This is 1 of 2 Prototypes that Paul sold on Tuesday, ours being the First Ever DOCUMENTED "Faded Denim" produced by PRS. This guitar was built with Pauls personal involvement along with Joe Knaggs and the PS Team at PRS. It Features a PS Headstock Eagle and a Brazilian Neck that Paul calls "PIPE WOOD". He says "The Sound Rings like a PIPE when you knock on it". This guitar has been in Pauls Family for over 10 years and was personally played by both Him and his Sons. Upgraded to Pauls favorite pickups 57/08s and a Paisley Case. A Personal Note from Paul is included to the buyer of this HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE and RARE instrument. Not only is it a Stunner, but I've been told it is clearly one of the most IMPRESSIVE Sounding Intruments to ever come from Stevensville, MD. The Maple Top on this guitar is INSANE! 

AMAZING Guitar offered at $9500.00
More detailed pictures to come over the weekend when the guitar arrives at Guitar Maverick. Let me know if I can answer any questions!