PRSPaul Reed Smith Modern Eagle 1 SC Single Cut 2007 Faded Blue Jean

PRSPaul Reed Smith Modern Eagle 1 SC Single Cut 2007 Faded Blue Jean

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Paul Reed Smith Modern Eagle 1 SC Single Cut 2007 Faded Blue Jean

We work hard everyday trying to source not only current production PRS Guitars, but also the Best and Rarest PRS Models available.  We know Rare PRS Guitars, and here is one available right now! This will sale in US ONLY!!

This one Features a stunning Brazilian Rosewood Neck, Fretboard and HS overlay. Most importantly it includes the Original BIRD Tag and is in EXCELLENT Condition... A Solid 9.2! Famously, the Satin Finish is just incredible!

The Modern Eagle 1 Run originally from 2004-2007 was interrupted by the quarantine of Brazilian Rosewood by the US Customs offices in 2007.   PRS had these wood pcs put away until they were release 5 years later.  This particular guitar was started in production in 2007 and final completed in 2007 before the wood quarantine..    Great Linage and super collectible, the ME1 have not only a fantastic sound, but also will become an heirloom in your family... USA ONLY!!  Beautiful with All the Case Candy....
PRS does some crazy things!  

Just arrived directly from a PRS Collector ! ME1 Singlecut  Brazilian Rosewood Neck Natural Stoptail!!  This particular guitar has had 2 owners... The first a well know collector whom only picks 11 Tops!  He didn't like the RP pickups so sent the guitar back to PRS to add 50 09s.. Also added were the rosewood pickup rings and knobs... The original knobs are included, however the RP pickups and pickup rings are long gone.
As shown in the pictures, there are a few small marks on the guitar... nothing thats gonna drive you crazy, and no scratches...

We don't get many of these anymore, as Collectors are swooping them up...
Wide Fat Neck, 5909 pickups, Sued ME Case, 8lbs 3.2oz
From the 2004 introduction: “The Modern Eagle incorporates many aspects of our prestigious Private Stock instruments and specifications that PRS has been developing for years. These include a rich, ultra-thin nitrocellulose finish, Modern Eagle RP pickups, an anodized stoptail bridge, brass studs, mixed hardware, neck and fingerboard, rippled abalone bird inlays and unique, highly figured maple tops. Available in stoptail or tremolo in 9 exclusive Modern Eagle colors.”
For 2012, each one of these “new old stock” instruments has been updated with “tweaked” Phase II tuners. The fretboards have been cleaned and dressed and the necks oiled. Some retain their original pickups, serial numbers, and the original hang tags are included in the cases (a new hangtag was completed as each instrument was re-cased). Others that were set aside earlier in the manufacturing process will be built to current spec. PRS is pleased to make these instruments available for players and collectors in the United States.
*Instruments containing Brazilian Rosewood that are marked with “USA Only” or “Custom Built for the USA” on the back of the headstock are for the purpose of sale ONLY in the U.S. When a guitar is shipped overseas from the U.S., a re-export permit issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service certifying that the Brazilian Rosewood components are from a lawful source is required. In addition, some countries require a separate permit to import a guitar with Brazilian Rosewood components. Finally, a number of countries, including the countries making up the European Union, have barred the importation of Brazilian Rosewood altogether, except under certain very narrow circumstances.
United States law does not require supporting documentation to be shipped with a guitar containing Brazilian Rosewood components sold in the United States. Therefore while the wood used on the above mentioned instruments is qualified for sale in the U.S., the instrument cannot be exported from the U.S., nor can certification be obtained for the exportation of the instrument. Only Brazilian Rosewood that was harvested before June of 1992 (when the wood was listed as a protected species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)) and is accompanied by a CITES export permit from Brazil can be shipped in foreign commerce. (In normal circumstances, the CITES document does not travel with the specific guitar to the end customer). The Brazilian Rosewood used by PRS Guitars is obtained in compliance with these conditions.