PRS DGT Custom Color Cobalt Violet Smokeburst 10 Tops, Moons, and Hybrid Hardware

PRS DGT Custom Color Cobalt Violet Smokeburst 10 Tops, Moons, and Hybrid Hardware

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We know GREAT PRS Guitars and you just found one...
Truly another UNICORN we received from the Great Guys at PRS Guitars...
Listed as a Custom Color, this guitar was most likely a Wood Library Built Guitar built with a 10 Top.  It has a Colorful Rosewood Fretboard and HS overlay.  A very comfortable and Super Light DGT at 7lbs 2.9oz too, and Grissom Neck Profile.  Most importantly, that back is a translucent Violet Stain,  that become  a violet burst onto the Cobalt Flamed Top, VERY Impressive...  Black PRS Tolex Case tops this one off and the Flamed Maple Natural Binding is awesome.

Phase III Locking Tuners, Hybrid Hardware, Moon Inlays and Grissom pickups complete this incredible Guitar..

Don't Hesitate, we will not get another one like this!

Vintage Tone Out Of The Box

The DGT (David Grissom Trem) is the result of more than 20 years of collaboration between Paul Smith and David Grissom. The DGT is based on the McCarty with a unique DGT neck shape, taller frets, special pickups, and a revised control layout. Grissom and Paul spent a year A/B-ing more than forty sets of pickups before nailing the vintage-voice of DGT humbuckers. When paired with individual volume controls for each pickup and a push/pull master tone control that operates the coil taps, DGT pickups provide versatility and articulation.

“The DGT is a product a lot of miles down the road: a lot of gigs, a lot of records. It’s like picking up a vintage guitar. It sounds like a vintage guitar, and out of the box it’s ready to go. There’s a whole lot of thought gone into this. The DGT is pretty perfect to me.” – David Grissom